Open Source

YOUR DREAM's open source software integration service enables you to enjoy complete advantage of collaborative software development that turns open-source software more secure, flexible and cost-effective in comparison to commercial products. Require a flexible, customizable software product to provide your needs in this rapid changing business world? YOUR DREAM specializes in integrating open source software. It also requires generous experience in software development. The Open Source Integration services of YOUR DREAM aims at assisting the companies to enjoy maximum return on software investment enabling them to reduce costs accelerate development process and improve performance.

Open Source Software, abbreviated as OSS, is a name given to the computer software that allows the users to utilize, modify the software, to reallocate it in modified or unmodified form. Open source gives you the benefit of design, development and distribution providing accessibility to the source of a product. However, integration of Open Source demands thorough knowledge in the open source software market.


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